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Search Engines

The Internet is a huge and unruly universe, powerful, but very noisy; I caution you against blind surfing; don't leave home without a couple of good search engines. Infoseek Corporation offers two of the most sophisticated and comprehensive Internet indexing and search services available: Infoseek Professional and Infoseek Guide. I have no affiliation with Infoseek Corporation; I'm just a satisfied, enthusiastic customer.

[infoseek professional] Infoseek Professional is an extremely powerful and useful, yet surprisingly affordable, search service that covers the Web, the last 30 days of Usenet news, as well as several non-Internet resources, including business journals, wire services and several commercial databases. I have been a subscriber for several months and I use Infoseek Professional almost every day for personal and business research. If you need a top-notch research tool, I whole-heartedly recommend Infoseek Professional.

[Infoseek Guide] Infoseek Guide is the FREE public-access service offered by Infoseek Corporation. It applies the power of the Infoseek Professional search engine to Internet-only resources (the Web and Usenet news). In addition, Infoseek Guide provides an extensive selection of Internet information Topics to help you navigate the penultimate frontier. Why not try Infoseek Guide out for yourself below.

Infoseek Guide: Your roadmap to the Internet
The best way to search the Web, Usenet News and more. Type in words and phrases and select a Source to search below (Search tips).

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[Starting Point] The Starting Point MetaSearch service allows you to pose your query to 16 different search engines, including SavvySearch, excite, Infoseek, WebCrawler, Lycos, DejaNews, Yahoo and Open Text, without having to rekey your query. MetaSearch is a great way to do comparison surfing! You can try it out for yourself below:

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Finding People

Have you ever wondered if so-and-so has an email address? One of the best ways to find out is with the Internet Address Finder. I think this service is based on Usenet news postings and it goes back at least to August 1994. The last time I checked, there were 53 entries for Elvis Presley!
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