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i! I'm a very avid Flight Simulation enthusiast. I started some years ago with Microsoft Flight Simulator v3.0 on a 20 MHz 386 system. Last year, I upgraded to Microsoft Flight Simulator v5.1 on CD-ROM. I'm now looking forward to upgrading to Microsoft Flight Simulator for Windows '95. If nothing else, Microsoft honours their upgrade rebates–it has to be the best software value on the planet!

In these pages, I will tell you something about my Flight Sim system, what it is today and what I expect it will be in the near future. I'd like to exchange ideas with other Flight Simmers with systems similar to my own.

Current Project Completed! RTW (Rtw.zip, 661KB) is a complete air-traffic controlled "round-the-world" flight in a LearJet aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator v5.1 with BAO’s Flight Simulator Flight Shop add-on. RTW contains the FSFS Adventure files for my Round-the-World flight so you can fly the trip too! Full documentation is provided in a Word for Windows 6.0 document file.

In memorium...

Jessica Dubroff, the 7-year-old girl who tried to become the youngest person to fly across America and was killed on April 11, 1996 when her Cessna 177 crashed shortly after taking off in a storm in Cheyenne, Wyo. Jessica, her father, Lloyd, and instructor Joe Reid were killed when the single-engine, four-seat plane, owned by Reid, crashed while attempting to return to the airport in 32 mph winds and icing conditions. My wish for all pilots:
Fly safely...
live to fly again!

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